About Us

Lamda System Engineering ltd. is an experienced and professional consulting and engineering company specializing in commercial and military systems, communication and infrastructure. We combine actual operational experience together with profound engineering expertise in the related fields.

Main Specialization Topics

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aerodromes and Airfields
  • Command Control & Communications
  • Radar Systems - Primary & Secondary
  • Advanced Surveillance Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Avionics Systems
  • Displays & Control Systems
  • Communication & Infrastructure
  • Mechanical design and implementation

Activities & Services - System Engineering

  • Mapping of Customerís Needs
  • Performance of physical Site Survey
  • Sizing & Architecture of the required System Concept
  • Generation of Requirement Definition
  • Generation of Preliminary & Detailed System Design
  • Survey of potential existing & under development suitable Systems
  • Generation of System Performance Analysis and identification of Operational/Technological gaps
  • Tayloring of Final System Configurations
  • Generation of Engineering documentation

Activities & Services - Integration & Testing

  • Direct sell of Turnkey projects and/or Components
  • Design of full System Installation & Integration
  • Design of System Tests & generation of proper Testing Documentation (Plan, Procedures, Results Reports)
  • Integration with existing and/or additional Systems
  • Generation of System Operation Principles and Operating Procedures & Manuals
  • Conducting of appropriate Operational & Technical Training
  • Perform periodic System Checkout & Calibration Routines

Aircrafts Maintenance

  • Performing maintenance of military and commercial aircraft, specifically in electrical and electronic systems.
  • Outsourcing activities for the Israeli Air Force
  • Include all 3 maintenance levels O, I and D
  • In conjunction with Kanfei Maintenance ltd,